→ As I'm from Argentina the only method I'm able to accept is Paypal. Paypal is super easy to use, secure and you don't even have to have an account, you can simply pay with your credit card.


As most of my items are ready to ship, shipping will take place between TWO to FIVE days from your payment. I always send an e-mail to your account letting you know the date of shipment (please check your spam folder)

I ship my orders by air through Correo Argentino ( ) after I'm notified of your payment and takes around 10 to 25 days to arrive AND IT'S COMPLETELY NORMAL.

→ AUSTRALIA- EUROPE - ASIA: packages to these places are taking more than usual as there are no direct flights. They are taken around 2 months to arrive and it's completely normal!


→ As each sale is different from the others, every problem that arises, will be reviewed and resolved individually. Please contact me within 7 days of receipt and we will work, together, to fix it.